Flights are not remarkable. I don’t like writing about flights. Nevertheless, here are the bullet points of my latest oceanic transnavigation.

a) Most  budget airlines, in contrast to the wonderful Siberian Airways, do not feed you. Do not be caught unawares and un-a-foods on your transatlantic flight.

b) Layover in Reykjavik: 10/10 will definitely do again. Don’t tell your friends, but there are beanbag chairs and decent quality food to buy. And Icelandic yogurt is transcendental.

c)  Also, geysers.

d) I checked off the only item on my bucket list (there are lots of things I want to do, but only one thing I wanted to have done): see the Northern lights. While the fools all around me drooled onto their own shoulders for the final hour of the first leg of the flight, I was busy noseprinting up the windows. I took some pictures, but, uh…


Oh well.

Ravenous and exhausted, I finally landed in Berlin, made a beeline for my new dorm, and caught the property manager 5 minutes before he went home for the day. The dorm is great–we’re all foreigners on my hall: a Chinese girl whose husband works in Philadelphia, a Russian named Olga, a Ukrainian named Olha, Olga’s husband/boyfriend/roommate, who probably has a name, and someone else whom I haven’t met yet.

When I got onto the platform of the final leg of the trip to the dorm, I saw one of my classmates. He took a look at me, then walked forward to the edge of the platform (slowly, so I wouldn’t notice, except that I did) so that I wouldn’t walk in front of him, requiring us to chat. Zander was offended and apologized on Olli’s behalf when I told him, but I didn’t take offense. I hadn’t wanted to chat, either. I just wouldn’t have been so obvious about it.

Not all the connections were missed, though: when the train pulled up, I noticed this guy studying one of the stickers on my fiddle case. He asked, “Do you know Decatur?” Of course I do, and answered to that effect. Turns out he spent 3 years working for Habitat in Athens, so he knows Decatur well!  It’s not every day you meet a Decaturite in the wild. And he was barefoot in the U-Bahn, so you know he was the legit kind.


This is my beautiful room. There are about twice as many plants now. Oh, and I finally got a pillow. Don’t try to go without a pillow.