First week in a new country, y’know. Lots to see. And since all of my technology has decided to fail me at once, I’m spending a lot of time writing with an actual pen on actual paper, usually sitting in cafes, drinking exotic drinks. It’s all very Hemingway. I’m coming to the conclusion that hanging around and writing is an underrated travel activity.

Anyway, I was alone at this hostel, and it was rather lonely until yesterday, when these Poles showed up. I love Poles. They’re on their way home after 3 months in India and Nepal, and the one who’s staying in my room is super nice. We have had good chats. When they were in Mumbai, they got picked up to be in a Bollywood film. How cool is that? Then today, a new guy came who looked exactly like Jesus. He’s from Ukraine.

I chatted with Tatiana, the owner of the hostel, as she made up Ukrainian Jesus’ bed. She’s really friendly. Ukrainian Jesus didn’t say a word. I asked him where he was from. He named a city that I had heard of but don’t remember. Tatiana told him a little about me and told me about how he had been at her hostel before, and they keep in touch now. Ukrainian Jesus was silent.

Then, this morning, I came upstairs to do computer things, and Ukrainian Jesus was already here. After being in the same room awkwardly for a few seconds, I said “Hi!” which he eventually returned begrudgingly.

He continues to be taciturn and not very fun.

I really expected more from the Messiah.