It’s my last night in Kazan, so why don’t I read you a story?


In the big bright room
There was a built-in shelf
And a blue desk light
And a picture of –
A weird cat
And there was a creepy monkey
And a Father Frost doll
a glove rolled in a ball
Old flowers in a jar
And forgotten socks
An outlet that shocks
And a comb and a toothbrush and a bowl of old rice mush
The trolley with its neverending “whoosh”
Goodnight room
Goodnight moon
Goodnight weird cat and creepy monkey
Goodnight light
And the built-in shelf
Goodnight doll
Goodnight ball
Goodnight roses
Goodnight socks
Goodnight outlet that shocks
Goodnight comb
And goodnight toothbrush
Goodnight nobody
Goodnight rice mush
Goodnight to the trolley’s familiar “whoosh”
Goodnight streetlights
Goodnight air
Goodnight noises everywhere