Sometimes when Sveta’s talking about travel, it’s a little hard for me to follow the conversation, because she still refers to cities by their Soviet names. A friend of hers recently went to Leningrad on a bus tour, and Sasha has a friend in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg). Not sure if Volgograd is still Stalingrad to her. Anyway, it’s adorable.


Last night at supper, Sasha told me a story about one time when he flew to Moscow to go grocery shopping (yes, like on an airplane). Because he’d heard they’d gotten a shipment of chicken. Apparently hearing about groceries in other cities through the grapevine, hopping on a plane, and then returning with two big sacks of groceries that were unavailable in one’s hometown was a common thing. Sounds like most of the flying Sasha’s done was of this sort.