1. Tried to return my kitchen supplies that I bought last weekend at Liza’s request. Store #1 asked if the electric stove was broken. Stupidly, I answered no. He said they couldn’t take it if it still worked, but if I could “do something to make it stop working” in the next month, they would. I’ll take it in again tomorrow and tell them it ruined my borscht.
  2. At the second store, I tried to return my beautiful frying pan (woe! woe!) and an Ethernet cable I never used. They said to come back tomorrow, because the person who handles refunds (Don’t  you mean every employee?) doesn’t work weekends.
  3. On the way home from that adventure, I passed my classmate Helen. She said that she had been in her room, doing whatever she does of a Sunday afternoon, when her roommate said, “Are you going out?” Helen answered that she hadn’t been planning on it, to which her roommate responded, “While you’re out, can you get a mop?” Helen admitted that she didn’t want or need a mop and didn’t see why she should be responsible for procuring one. But because her roommate is “frightening”, she did it.