I posted the kitchen stuff that I wanted to get rid of on my class Facebook group in the hopes that someone would buy it off of me. No one responded, and I had given up when knock knock classmate Josef came to inquire. I knew he was moving out of the dorm after having been hassled for having come home intoxicated last weekend (because the dorm administrators clearly think it’s safer to force students to stay out on the street all night after partying than to let them come home and go to bed like good little drunks).

Turns out he did come home drunk, which is against the rules, but he made it past both security checkpoints and made it to his room, where he passed out on the kitchen counter. That’s when his roommate saw him and called security to their room, resulting in Josef’s having to defend himself before a tribunal (he doesn’t speak fluent Russian) and then find a new place to live within 7 days. Moral of the story: Never trust your roommates. No matter what.

On the bright side, he did buy the majority of my stuff, so I’m not as in the hole as I expected to be. And there’s still a chance that I can still arrange for the stove to break so I can get a refund.