It is hot as Hades. Given the absence of air conditioning and the construction of our building such that no classroom has windows on more than one side, there’s a lot of meckern. Of course, everyone is secretly elated that summer finally came.

There is one problem, though: grocery stores don’t typically sell beer chilled, or if they do, it’s not the good stuff.   And although warm beer is infinitely less satisfying in such weather, it’s so hard to wait! Anyone have ideas or expertise in the realm of beer-chill-waiting?

Also, I need to make a…well, the opposite of a retraction. In my last post, I left out the very important information that no one was hurt even a tiny bit when the train derailed. Sorry about that. I’d like to think that you assumed that that was the case, based on what I hope is a deep conviction that neither I nor some random reporter at the Berliner Morgenpost would be so heartless as to joke about an accident in which people died before the situation was even fully dealt with, but you never know. In any case, my mistake. This is why I’m not a journalist.

And finally, happy America Day!