Every Monday I have a break between my two classes at the HU (aka The Other University, aka Our Moral Enemies But Actually They’re Pretty Cool And Since College Sports Are Not A Thing We Get Along Quite Nicely). Since I don’t have Wifi at the HU, and I rarely have homework  I can do without it, Mondays between 11 and 2 you can find me at Starbucks, sipping something, figuratively called coffee, that gives me lots to complain about.

I endure the bitterness and the expense just to hear the baristas’ hilarious accents yelling out “Tall Grande Frozen Cappuccino” (which doesn’t even exist…?).

Sidenote: a friend of mine in college, Paul, swore up and down that he passed the AP German exam by speaking English with a German accent, like this: “Tja, soh I goht ohn zee bahs, end…” (Yeah, so I got on the bus, and…). He would make a great German barista.