You may or may not remember that last summer, the university pulled the old bait-and-switch, telling me prior to my applying that I had fulfilled the prerequisites and then rejecting my application because I hadn’t fulfilled the prerequisites (note: I had).

You may also remember that it took four visits to the immigration office before they would give me the visa that, as a citizen of a Schengen country enrolled at a German university, I was essentially guaranteed (barring a history of drug trafficking, etc, which, by the way, I don’t have).

You might even remember when I was expelled (which would have led to the cancellation of my residency permit) because of a bureaucratic technicality.

Today, I was informed (after much agitating and probably 5 e-mails to Kazan University asking why they were taking so long to admit/reject me) that the office that was charged with submitting my application for study abroad lost one of the pages on the way from her desk (where we went through it together and confirmed that everything was there) to the scanner, and KFU won’t process my application until it’s turned in.

Germany, you did everything you could possibly have done to prevent me from coming. Why will you now not let me leave?