My mom is here! We have traversed the city on foot once and by train three times.

An anecdote: One time in April 2013, I called Anna Rose from Russia. As we were chatting, I started hearing birdsong, and my first thought was, “Oh, the phone of someone who uses a birdcall ringtone is going off.” But no, they were actual birds, because in inhabitable parts of the northern hemisphere, it was springtime.

I was reminded of that low point yesterday. As Mom and I rode the train home from visiting the market and going on a picnic, my face was burning, and my whole body felt hot. I was worried that finally my Spartan immune system had given in. We agreed to get some Vitamin C and turn in early to avoid having to spend the rest of the vacation at home with a fever/feverish daughter. After a few hours, though, the feeling had passed. I realized that it wasn’t a fever that I was feeling–it was the effects of time spent in direct sunlight. It’s been cloudy for so long that I thought my sunburn was a disease. 

On a different note, happy Easter, everyone! It’s the season of renewal, new beginnings, new life, and killing baby animals so you can roast them. Mom and I pretty much ran the baby animal category. At what is probably the snazziest meal I’ve eaten in a restaurant since I became responsible for my own finances (wait, you can have wine AND food at the same sitting?), we managed to snuff out the following:

– baby fish (roe–never again)

– some baby pig

– the leg of a baby rabbit (the Easter bunny’s extra hoppy this year!)

– (some of) a baby sheep

– a baby turnip (I don’t know why that’s on this list, except that Mom asked me to write it).

Since you’re all probably friends with the world’s most horrible people (that’s us) on Facebook, you can go check out my mom’s pictures if you’re the kind of person who likes to look at pictures of things you didn’t eat.