The BVG (or, in Nathan German, the Berliner Verkehrskersker Gerberderder–to the rest of us, the Berlin Transit Authority) has discovered the power of humor in helping people to forget their many shortcomings. Under the hashtag #weilwirdichlieben (“because we love you”) they’ve plastered staged-but-entirely-plausible pictures of passengers doing strange things or being strange people–it is Berlin, after all.


Not even your momma will pick you up at 4:30 in the morning.

The campaign has received generally positive feedback, because, well, it’s funny. So the BVG decided to start applying the same principle to diffusing customer frustration. The results are worth a look.

@larifariabel: Thanks to the new BVG campaign I could almost stand to move to Berlin.
@BVG: Thanks to your kind words we could almost stand to move in with you.

@LostLeni: Every time I decide to leave late, the bus doesn’t come. 
BVG: Are you a bus driver?

@nikstohn: The U2 smells like fish. But at least [the regular announcement voice] is making the announcements again.*
@BVG: After the month of voices comes the month of smells.

@tommy879: M4- an old man gets on and yells: “Satan! Begone from my body!”
@BVG: As long as Satan stayed in his body for the duration of the trip, that’s not in violation of our terms of use.  

*For the past few months, various celebrities have been announcing the stations on the U2. It was supposed to make the BVG more popular or … something.