I hadn’t blogged about this before because I didn’t want to anger the universe. Long story short, I messed up my health insurance. When I first arrived, I thought I needed German insurance, so I contacted a Krankenkasse, or state insurance company. It turned out that I already had global insurance through my mom, so I didn’t follow up with the agency. They sent me some letters that said things like “If you don’t pay your insurance, you won’t be insured,” which wasn’t exactly news to me, so I ignored them. What they didn’t mention was that my American insurance wasn’t adequate, plus if you don’t pay your insurance, you won’t be insured, which means you’re not in compliance with German laws for students (/humans? unclear), and you will be exmatrikuliert, a word that is just as scary as it sounds.

One day, I came home from class to see a letter from my insurance company. Inside, they informed me that I was in violation of Deutsches Bundesgesetz nr 24 § 3 or something. The letter advised me to sign the attached unenrollment papers and present them at the admissions office. Obviously that is not what I did.

I spent the better part of two days waiting in line to talk to a representative whose manicure was way too glittery, who assured me that although yes, I had technically already been unenrolled, I shouldn’t worry. Um, right.

Now I’m signed up for fancy new insurance that renders me well covered if anything should happen to me, yet with very limited funds for entertaining myself in between my hospital, doctor, homeopath, and chiropractor visits, which I’m sure will be numerous. I wonder if German waiting rooms have free coffee machines…

This was all a few weeks ago. Today, I got a letter from the university. My heart pounding, I opened it and discovered an enrollment verification and student ID for the summer semester. So I guess alles in Ordnung*. 

*If you Google that, the top entry in the top hit is “All systems go!” Which isn’t wrong per se, but…really?