Have you ever tried to high-five a German?

It’s great. See, everyone knows what a high five is, but they’re not necessarily overly familiar with what it actually means and when it’s used. Today, my Russian classmate, Rainer,* and I found out that we both study foreign language acquisition. I held up a hand for a solidarity high-five. Rainer stared blankly at it until I said “…high five.” Then he¬†reciprocated, but it was pretty clear we still weren’t on the same page. Love it.

On a related note to anyone who may go to Mongolia (or host a Mongolian): the gesture we make to indicate the slitting of a throat is used in Mongolia to indicate that a person is full. The birdie finger is used to indicate the middle (if you’re partway through a project and someone asks you how it’s going, for instance).

*Unfortunately, I have accidentally composed a sentence that creates a very good argument against the Oxford comma. This is a problem. To be clear, there were only two people in the above sentence, namely Rainer and I.