Yeah, check this out:

Next week is going to be very confusing for work scheduling. Next week until whenever you guys fall back, we’re only 5 hours different–I think (exception: Joe and Erin, because I don’t know where you live right now, but I’m pretty sure it’s CDT).

Being frustrated by DST inconsistencies makes me think of Russia. And while we’re on the subject (sorry, this is actually old news, but I only just learned), Russia is apparently creating a 10,000 ruble bill that has a picture of Crimea on it (all the other bills have pictures of Russian cities). Although I get how that would help legitimize Russia’s role in Crimea to people, it’s also perversely entertaining to think that they’re releasing a bill to commemorate an action that led to the inflation that creates the necessity for such a large bill in the first place.

10,000 rur is about 240 dollars these days (about 300 when I was there). I don’t even know what you would spend that much money on in Russia–things are going to have to get really bad before anyone has anything to spend 10,000r on. That’s more than a month’s rent in a two-room apartment. You couldn’t withdraw that much from an ATM–you’d have to make 2 withdrawals, then take the bills to a bank to change them. If you get paid with one, you’d also have to go to the bank, because no one’s going to accept it unless you’re spending like 80% of it in one go.

Why couldn’t they create a 250 or 300 ruble bill? That would actually be useful.