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My professor for Structures of Germanic Languages was dissatisfied with some of my classmates’ prior knowledge of…structures of language. He recommended that to be sure we’re up to speed, we read the first two chapters of his book, Grammatiktheorie. Us: “But Professor Müller, how can we find it?”
Him: “Look it up. It’s on my website.”
Us: “How will we find your website?” (note: I’m using the term “us” very loosely in this dialogue–I have basic research/life skills and therefore don’t ask stupid questions like this on the first day of class)
Him (rightly so): “My name is Stefan Müller. Google it.”

So I did, and that’s when I learned something wonderful about Professor Müller’s publications. Check this out:


Down­load­ing this book is free. The book will re­main freely avail­able once it is pub­lished. The price of the book will be 29,80€, which is very low. If you want to work with the book se­ri­ous­ly, you should buy it. The elec­tron­ic ver­sion will be a valu­able ex­ten­sion.

If you feel that the on­line ver­sion of the book is of some use to you (for in­stance be­cause of its search­a­bil­i­ty and be­cause ev­ery­thing is hy­per­linked in the doc­u­ment) or if you share my be­lief that sci­en­tif­ic lit­er­a­ture should be freely avail­able, you may sup­port this pro­ject by send­ing the pub­lish­er Stauf­fen­burg Ver­lag an amount of money that you con­sid­er ap­pro­pri­ate. Please men­tion Gram­matik­the­o­rie as rea­son for the bank trans­fer and use the fol­low­ing ac­count…

You guys, talk to the academics in your life about open-access publishing. Let’s have a revolution!