Yesterday they finally posted the results from the written entrance exam, and I passed with the middle of the three passing grades, which was about what was to be expected. The annoying thing about the test, which I may have written about before (it’s so annoying that it warrants multiple mentions) is that after the four sections are graded separately, they do not average your score; they just take the lowest-scoring section, and that becomes your overall score. So you can get the very highest marks on three sections and then screw up the speaking, and wind up having to take remedial German courses in order to stay enrolled. Fortunately, that didn’t happen to me. My oral exam was scheduled for today, so I spent the last 24 hours avoiding English (i.e. watching Modern Family–I mean, Moderne Familie).

Here’s how the oral section works: they lock you in a room with a sheet of paper (not a piece of sheet) with a topic and some keywords on it. You have 20 minutes to plan a short presentation, and then you go present before a panel, and they ask you questions about it. My topic, unfortunately, was sports. They gave me a lot of pictures of people doing sports (totally useless) and 30 or so keywords–“competition,” “doping,” “self-esteem”… anything that could possibly be associated with sports. So I made up some things and then went and said them. Got the highest score, but, in the words of the test graders, “We gave you the highest grade, but it won’t matter. Too bad.”

Still, permission to enroll is a wonderful thing! I bought screw-top Prosecco (because Germany) on the way home and made Spätzle to celebrate.

When I got home, shock of shocks, Jakob (roommate) was here! We see very little of each other. Normally if we’re both home, one of us is asleep, and he’s not here in the evenings because he’s at his girlfriend’s. I’ve seen more of him today alone than the whole time I’ve been here, probably because his girlfriend is sick. So today we finally got to have a conversation.

Jakob did not feel like celebrating with me. His laptop got stolen yesterday on the U-Bahn. Also, we discovered today that when Gerdi (other roommate who’s in Jamaica now and then will come back to pack and then will leave for good to Chile) left for her three-week trip, she didn’t leave her key, even though her subletter arrives on Thursday, i.e. a week before Gerdi gets back. So now Jakob has to not have a housekey for a week, and Fabian (the subletter’s actual, real life name, which I have to pretend isn’t funny) and I have to be on call to open the door for him when he comes home.

Jakob partook of the wine I offered, but his mood was distinctly subdued.