Everyone knows of it, and yet it’s really done nothing to earn its fame. It tastes like a squishy hotdog (cannot confirm re: Paris Hilton). The only thing that makes it special is the pretzel and mustard, which are sold separately. Now I know.

Regarding the counterattack:
1. The Viktualienmarkt was pretty cool, although it was less cool if you were on a budget. It’s just a market, but with lots of variety and lots of places to eat prepared food, too. Someone was selling local mead, but it was 10:45 in the morning, and I didn’t want to get my alcocholic on that early. Had a pleasant moment this evening when I realized that I can go back tomorrow because it’s open <i>every day</i>!

2. Check.

3. The German Museum was incredible even in my unrested stupor, which caused me to wander aimlessly for 2 hours and not read any of the signs or seek out anything in particular (have since discovered I missed a LOT). Just to give you an idea of the scale of this place–it contains at least 15 airplanes and a tall ship (in addition to a bunch of smaller (but not small) boats). All inside. There’s a huge, humming room of electronics, and a wall of holographs that I still don’t understand, and stars…so many stars… Pictures will be up later. Left the cable at home.

4. Turns out Bayrisch isn’t that hard. Just talk like you have a sausage in your mouth.

The three most effective counterattacks were unplanned:

1. A long nap after the museum, during which I’m pretty sure I sleeptalked to a stranger (what was he doing in my room though?)

2. Went to a movie at Neues Gabriel, which is supposed to be the oldest movie theater in Germany (am too lazy to cross-check this. It’s old, OK?). Saw that Keira Knightley movie, something about music. It was good. Then wandered around the city in the dark, got super-lost, and eventually came home.

3. Snorey McSnoreyson came back, so, at Nathan’s urging, I got a new room. So far I appear to be the only person assigned to my bed.


“In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth.” Thought that was a surprising choice for a science museum, although presumably the choice was made before that kind of thing was strange.


A Lufthansa cookie!


The cruellest “do not touch” sign.


These fake people are making steel.


Pretty sure this was a really bad cover for a head shop.


The only way I had of documenting my afternoon sitting on a wall by the Isar, attracting worried looks from passers-by who clearly thought I might jump in.

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