Munich says, “Challenge accepted.” 

So far the score is Munich 4, Kate 0. 

Munich plays a combination attack–it’s super effective:

1. no host at first accommodation

2. last-minute switch-up at emergency accommodation, resulting in the abandonment of a bra and toothbrush in a room of high school boys. I can hear my stuff yelling, “Leave us! Save yourself!”

3. $7 an hour for Internet access, internet cafe? Really? Does it come with a pony?

4. So much for my “private room”–at 3 AM a supersnorer alighted upon my former paradise of seclusion. 

 Kate launches the following counterattack:

1. Viktualienmarkt

2. H&M and a drugstore (this isn’t really a counterattack, any more than a field hospital is.)

3. Das deutsche Museum

4. Learn to understand Bayrisch (this link takes you directly to the section on Bayrisch; if you want to hear  Berlinerisch, just keep listening; if you want to hear standard German, back up to the beginning. If you want to hear Low German or Swabian, you can figure it out on your own.)


edit: Forgot one good thing. The AirBnB guy got in contact with me and was completely apologetic, that there must have been an issue with the doorbell, and he accidentally gave me the wrong cell number. He offered to either pay my hostel booking or refund my entire reservation with him if I’d rather stay at the hostel, which I would. Seems like a really nice guy. So that’s better than his being a jerk.