The previous post wound up being more of a theme thing, so here are some more things I want to preserve.


First of all, I mentioned the fact that I was ashamed to have gotten up at 9 for a reason. I got up at 9, went out and ran errands/bemoaned the status of the Turkish Market, and finally came home around 1. I started making lunch, and only then did my roommates roll out of their beds and shuffle into the kitchen, commenting that “it [had] been a while since [they] slept until 1 PM.” Suddenly, I felt like a champ.

Also, the issue with the Turkish Market turned out to be very simple. The astute reader may have noticed my reference to today being Friday, which it, in fact, is not (and hasn’t been for some time now). The Turkish Market didn’t look like the Turkish Market because it wasn’t. Apparently there’s another market that sets up there on Saturdays, which I will be avoiding in future.

Although the market was disappointing, Kreuzberg is always a nice place to hang out: 


The green-lined canals are part of what’s great about Kreuzberg.


The cafe terrace where I had coffee, even though I don’t think they were technically open yet. You may notice the cup of tap water, which the waitress brought me through no fault or desire of my own. It means my cover was blown, and my spy training is incomplete. Perhaps it was the giant North Face backpack that tipped her off that I was American…or the fact that I had to ask whether they were open. Or the fact that it was Kreuzberg.

Saw an interesting ad on the U-Bahn today. 

Pregnant, and no one can find out? We’ll help. Anonymous and secure.

This isn’t an abortion clinic ad, nor is it pro-life propaganda (not really a thing in Germany). It is an actual service that will help you carry your kid to term–or not–without anyone finding out. They assign you a consultant (except with a touchy-feelier name) who helps you navigate adoption, hospitalization for the birth, termination, and/or telling your family if you so choose (which, according to the testimonials, most  women eventually do–duh). 

I just thought it was fascinating that such a service would even be needed to a great enough extent to warrant subway ads and satellite offices. But, since it appears it is needed, I’m glad it exists. 

Maybe Planned Parenthood is similar–in fact, I know it is. But with PP the focus, at least in my experience, is on the mother’s health and wishes and discretion, though a matter of fact, is not the primary goal. 


Moving on from that happy topic…

Apartment showing time! 


This is the view from my window. It faces west, gets lots of sun, and gives me a view of the apartment community garden, in/from which I have been told we are welcome to plant or harvest whenever we want.


This is the hallway. I’m standing with the front door right behind me, Gerdi’s room on my left, and my room on my right. Ahead, from right to left, you see Jakob’s room, the kitchen, and the bathroom door.


Someone made this on the kitchen wall. It’s awesome.


The kitchen, which is just the right amount of messy


My room!


Pictures of (most of) you guys!