One of the many problems with New York is that being here invariably means having “Take the A Train” stuck in my head. Which would be fine if I could remember any part of it other than 3rd Trumpet. 


Circle Line Tours! If you are not Dot, then let me explain: When I was 7, my grandparents took all the grandkids to New York for the first time, and we had a splendid time exploring the city in all its Advent splendor. We also rode a Circle Line Tour to see the Statue of Liberty.


On the way into the city, our GPS routed us straight through Manhattan (including Little Italy (featured) and Chinatown), at 3:00 on a Friday afternoon. We would have had time to watch a feature-length movie in the time it took to travel the last 1.5 miles to our apartment, but instead we watched one episode of Buffy and then sat around and complained.


Hostel Dog #1, Mikko.


Hostel Dog #2, Lucia.


I would tell you more about what Nathan and I did over the weekend but really these pictures about sum it up.