Well, my answers to the listening test were made of about 50% blind guessing, so that’s fun. Not only did we only get to listen to each sample one time, but they were not at all slowed down. Note that there are two levels above this one; I would have expected short texts, read at about 90% speed twice for B2 (my level); short texts read at full speed for C1 (if it were anything like the Test of German as a Foreign Language, some texts at this level would be read 2x, some 1x); and longer texts read (again, some once, some twice) at full speed for C2. It was not so. 


The first and most significant part of the speaking section was based on–surprise!–a movie clip that we watched once at full speed without subtitles, and then had to summarize. So in essence, if you’re  bad at listening comprehension, you’re going to fail the speaking section, too. 


After that monstrosity the plan was to go look at some other monstrosities at the Kunstkamera. But, as we know, there is no (enforced) requirement to accept legal tender as such, so when I tried to buy a 200r ticket with a 1000r note, the salesperson shoved the bill back at me without even looking up, said “Smaller!” and called the next customer. So I left.


On the bright side, here’s some happy food.