No time to post because I’ve been a lazy butt and have slept basically all of the time. 

Unfortunately that means the Russian studies are not going so great. Also, in a brief yet feverish fit of productivity (at 3 in the morning–who am I?), I rediscovered the evil that is algebra, and am now thoroughly dreading the GRE.

Anna Rose is currently on an airplane to me! Everyone wave bye! And she’s flying first class. As an American, I will call her a classy classy fellow. If I were Russian, I would call her a business sausage (delovaja sosiska–I can’t find a link that explains the term, but it’s a real thing you can call someone who’s either uppity or in unexpectedly good financial circumstances).


A cat snuck into my room yesterday. I chased it out, and it went up to Katja’s room. 


Accidentally used a semi-swear word (the equivalent of “crap”) to my boss today. THIS IS WHY PRAGMATICS, PEOPLE. Fortunately she’s not my boss anymore, so whatevz. 


Nathan has fallen off the face of the planet.


Before he fell off the face of the planet, he came home for the weekend. It was super fun but mostly consisted of shopping. On the way home, the bus’s dashboard (?!) caught fire. The driver pulled over, waited for the fire to go out, then kept driving.


Last week, the tram driver flat-out missed the only turn on the entire route. Then they kicked us out and yelled at us when we asked for our money back.


Katja and I spent our teatime today enjoying strange words we encountered in our homework. Say “mgnovenie” 10 times fast. Same thing with “London redundant.” It’s fun.


Tomorrow, Nathan will remain in lostinforestland, and I will go to Vologda, where in the evening I will meet the Most Esteemed Anna Rose, who will be freshly traumatized from her first solo train trip. I have homemade pickles and a teapot packed (along with, of course, my month’s supply (relax, it’s a small bottle) of vodka), and a pot of cold borscht in the fridge for our return. Shh–don’t tell.


Right-o. Off to bed for the earliest time in 3 days! Because tomorrow I have better things to do than sleep all day. Hope you do, too!