Julia and I arranged a lesson/party for today to celebrate my last night batching it.  This may seem a strange occasion for a party, and of course I am looking forward to Nathan’s return from Moscow tomorrow, but it’s also pleasant, every once in a while, to make a dinner that doesn’t involve huge amounts of pasta or potatoes and to use the whole couch at once. We agreed that our party would consist of eating tasty things, speaking Russian in our outdoor voices, and using the computer without worrying about whether Nathan needs it (he’s kind enough to lend us his computer, which differs from mine in that it actually works, during our lessons).

I made the mistake of telling Julia that I could meet any time, so she decided that she would come over at 9AM.

Normally this would be fine, but yesterday I was stricken with severe insomnia, which caused me to stay up until 5 AM (mind you, this is 3 hours after sunrise–the birds started blaring around 3:30) playing games with Joseph on the Interwebs. While fun, this led to a very disoriented Kate come morning. Our party was…subdued.

In related news, I now advocate the (judicious) use of sleep deprivation in overcoming the affective filter.

One of the games we played is a favorite of mine, Geoguessr. It consists of being dropped randomly into a Google Streetview picture. You have to explore the area and try to guess where you are. You play 5 rounds per game, and each round you earn points based on the actual distance between where you got dropped and where you guessed.

Here’s probably the most pleasant place I’ve ever gotten dropped, which made me want to drop my life and return to Iona to chase sheep forever:

This is in the very northern Outer Hebrides.

This is in the very northern Outer Hebrides.