and was sick as a dog for the last few days.

Nathan taught my classes today, as I couldn’t reliably stand up without throwing up, which turned out to be a pretty good system. It’s my last class of the year with these students, and so I wanted to do something fun. Nathan is much better at game-based lessons than I, so the students were happy, I’m sure. They did, however, bring me end-of-the-year presents: a giant bouquet, a box of fortune cookies (one of which predicted great financial success in the next year–that one goes on the fridge!), chocolates, and cards.

For the lesson today, Nathan brought Apples to Apples and played a game where you draw three nouns and write a story using them. Note that these are first drafts, completely un-edited, and also written rather quickly. Don’t judge my teaching ability based on these stories, please. Here are a few examples:

The Valentine’s Day is a good day for all, because Mr Bean meet your loves batman, Pirates, Karate and Dragons likes to Godzilla but Godzilla was with boyfriend.

One upon a time our world to be in danger. Angry pirates and crazy aliens are threaten the population of the planet. Only special secret organization can save us. This is Rambo with his assistant Obama and Arnold.They are better known as a president of USA and Terminator. They were not afraid and use one of the strongest power–this is kindness. The best weapon against the violence =–this is kittens and hugs.

This is some romantic story. Somewhere in Australia.

 Our story happened in St Valentine’s Day, February 14. Neithan was in love with Kate H. But she choose another man–skinny, stupid, impudent boy [this is why I say no dictionaries in class!], who have a bad manners: he always picked his nose and have a bad breath. Yuck!
But Neithan was better than Boy: he has a six pack and excellent physical form, as a Brad pitt and he has sense of humor as a Mr. Bean.
Once a time, Kate meet Neithan in a park and she fell in love.
When Arnold and Daniel Radcliffe were babies, they dreamed about super skills. For example, Daniel wanted to killes people from farting and Arnold wanted to kill people from bad breath and they to ask for helping to man with beards. But he lied them. And smield. And gived picking your nose for Daniel and six pack for Arnold. But that is all. good story.
Long time ago cute dinosaurs and sharks with legs leaved to Australia. But once Brad Pitt, who was ninjas and Obama, who was termination come to helps for citizen. It was big fighting after fighting dino and sharks nobody saw. It is true story. I’m Obama. Don’t say to everybody.