I realized I made a mistake a few posts ago, referring to the Russian perspective on healthy eating. Two points (in this case, soup and candy) do, of course, make a line, not a plane. If it were soup, candy, and tea, or soup, candy, and overcooked starches, then it could, of course, be a plane. In high school, they said if I was bad at algebra, I was guaranteed to be good at geometry. They were wrong.

What’s been going on here, you ask? Really very little. Last Friday was International Women’s Day, which we Americans don’t know about because we’re heathens. Here it’s a BFD, even bigger than Defenders of the Fatherland Day that took place a few weeks ago. The students brought their professors chocolate, and the professors, in turn, threw a huge party for themselves in the middle of the workday. At Varvara’s request, I played my fiddle and didn’t even freak out about it! Also accidentally tried herring under a fur coat

The holiday was quite saccharine, with many references to dressing up and being raised right to smile all the time and be pleasing, but with the saccharine comes the delicious, which made it worthwhile. I guess.

Katja the Dark-Haired’s best friend Rita came to visit this weekend. We had them over for tea and gift exchanging Friday night and wound up making plans to go ice skating the next morning. This turned into an all-day affair, including a stint at a gaming cafe (long story short, you pay by the hour, and the cafe provides coffee, tea, snacks, and board/video games. We had a jolly time with Jenga and Mortal Kombat.) and then bringing Katja, Rita, and Igor, who we somehow picked up along the way, back home for some good old-fashioned blue box macaroni and cheese (or, as they call it, “radioactive orange macaroni with sauce”). 

Also, the snow has started melting (although the temperature is still rarely above 5′ F–sunlight must be powerful stuff), and an announcement came over the radio recently that people need to STOP WALKING ON THE RIVER, for goodness’ sake, because people keep falling in.

Actually, one big thing is coming up soon: I’m planning a convention for English students and teachers from around the city. It’s modeled on the State German Conventions we did in high school, except it’s open to everyone from age 13 up that studies English. So far we have about 50 participants, and most of my students (who are required to go) still haven’t signed up. The final count should be well over 100. Terrifyingly, the forum is only 2 weeks away. And on that note, I’m off to go plan it.