“I hear that in the US school lunches are really unhealthy. They don’t even have soup!” -Julia

The city art museum opened up a new exhibit, and yesterday Nathan and I went to check it out. They cleared out one of the exhibition halls that had previously housed icons and instead filled it up with…butterflies. there were microscopes with slides of wings, butterflies pinned to boards, and a large wooden frame covered in crop cover, wherein you could touch, photograph, and be pooped on by real live butterflies! And there were a bunch of cocoons tied to dowels (insurance, presumably, for the dozens of butterflies that get shredded by well-meaning children every day) that you could watch hatch…if you were very patient.


Saturday is Defenders of the Fatherland Day, which is basically Men’s Day (International Women’s Day being in a few weeks, not that we Americans know anything about that).  Nathan is bound to get presents from his doting coworkers, but as yet he has no idea that this is a thing. Shh–don’t tell.