Today we’re going to Dylan and Johnny’s for Thanksgiving Dinner. Three Russians will be joining us for their first-ever Day of Nonstop Food.

The university, for some reason, has backed off on my work schedule, which is great, but I kind of feel bad about it. Anyway, that means that this week I was able to help out at the English Club a couple of times to help them celebrate Thanksgiving in style. Here are some photos:


This was actually my surprise birthday celebration at the English Club. Anna (middle left) just sent me the picture.


Thanksgiving party/conversation hour at Cafe PizzBurg, which, as you can see, is a Very Classy Joint.


Anna had turkey cookies made for the occasion. We were only a little bit sad to bite off their heads.

Before Thanksgiving Dinner tonight, I’m going to a music festival in another village with one of my  students. I’ll report back afterwards! In the meantime, everyone enjoy your turkey sandwiches!