Ad aster per capite brassicae? Anyone here speak Latin?

In Russian, if you want to ask “why,” you ask “on what?” This is the same as German: warum is made of two parts, “wo” (which changed to “wa” for no apparent reason), and “um”, around. In Russian, pochemu= “po”, around/on, and “chemu”, what. We learned from Katja last night that if you don’t know the answer, you can reply, “po kochanu”, literally, “on a head of cabbage!” The “to the stars” thing is from John Steinbeck’s motto

Nathan and I have now both started Russian lessons (not together)! Nathan can now count to 20 and tell you that a table is a table, and I learned the Russian equivalent of “Blowin’ in the Wind.” 

As I was leaving the university for my Russian lesson yesterday, the PR department students came up to me to say that they were waiting for me in class and were worried about the fact that I was late. Apparently when the Powers that Be cancelled their class, they forgot to tell the students. If there’s time, I hope to do an evening make-up class, just for fun. 

Last night we had the Katjas over for chili. They ate it very politely, but they didn’t appear overly fond of it. I had kind of worried that it might be the case–chili is extremely strong for the Russian palate (remember, sour cream is often the only “seasoning” in a dish)–but thought it was worth a shot. I also made cucumber salad, which nobody touched but me (probably because I decided to use lemon juice instead of sour cream). That’s ok–more vegetables to brighten all my days. 

If you want to see the video I was talking about, the one about the olympics, then click here: . I’m working on getting it into a more workable format. For now, it will take some commitment to watch the video. Sorry.

When asked if the class would feel comfortable with my sharing this video with the folks back home, I was assured that they were “ultra-comfortable” with it. We need to have a chat about using slang properly. 🙂 

I have just received news that the local bookstore is having a liquidation sale, so I’m off to buy things I don’t need for no reason other than that they contain words! Wish me luck!