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And the fact that what we thought was our refrigerator is, in fact, a refreezerator. Therefore, I had cryospaghetti for lunch.

I got up this morning with the intention of going early to the university (at 3:00 I have a meeting, but otherwise no commitments), but I got hopelessly lost and wound up arriving about 1.5 hours after I left. AND I never did find a flower stand near the university, so I have to go back out and find flowers before our meeting. 

My intention is to be at the university before classes start and be the last in the department to leave every day for about a week (and, obviously, use the time in between to work) to establish myself as a Useful and Hardworking Person. This is difficult, though, because I have no work to do. I’m making stuff up.  That, plus the fact that I arrived at like 11 in the morning. BUT since I don’t officially start until after this meeting, I feel like my Week of Awesomeness can start tomorrow. 

Yesterday, Nathan and I sat in on the fourth-year class (THREE HOURS LONG) and talked about the American education system. The students had a debate about whether it was better to study in America or in the UK, which was mainly fruitless, because, really, aren’t the systems more or less the same? Yes. They are.

Yesterday, we had tomatoes and peppers from the market in our supper! The market is wonderful for produce, but I think it’s probably inadvisable to buy anything processed there. They also sell all kinds of clothes and flowers and cranberries in jars, but so far I’ve only looked. Anyway, I got a pound of tomatoes and a beautiful red and yellow pepper for 23 rubles, which brightened my day as well as our pasta. 

I also got a SIM card, but I can’t figure out how to activate it. They gave me 2 PINs, and neither of them seems to work, so I have to go back there today and feel like a doofus while they do it for me. 

Sometimes people look at me like my brain is full of flies. Sometimes I think they’re right.