It took me about 45 minutes of wandering sadly around Red Square, looking for a sign to the mausoleum, before I finally asked someone. In continuation of a tradition of Kate in Russia, the only word I understood was “left.” So I went straight and left and asked someone else. She replied, “Lenin’s not working today; he’s not working until December 1.” It took me a while to establish that we were, in fact, talking about the very same (and very dead) Lenin. It seems we had the misfortune to arrive in Moscow smack in the middle of his sesquiennial cleaning/defungification. 

So instead I slept on a park bench while Nathan did whatever Nathan does when I’m asleep places, we fed birds some apple “crumbs”, and shared a cabbage-egg blin for lunch. 

Also, I bought a book of folk tales aimed at 5-year-olds! It’s pretty hard. 😦