Last night (the 20th), I went to Slavs rehearsal with Anna Rose. Anna Rose had a four-hour class (she tried to convince me to go with her–apparently it’s a very good class–but one of the things about having graduated is that I never have to do that again.  Anyway, she was supposed to get home from this class 2 hours before Slavs started. She wound up arriving about 28 minutes before. I had made veggie dinner, so we wolfed that down and then trotted across campus to sing.

After that, the house was inundated with lovely people in great quantities. A few of us learned a new Bulgarian song, then Nathan and I went to escape the crowd and nourish ourselves at Miya’s, a sushi place that none of Anna Rose’s friends seem able to shut up about (and with very good reason). I had a vegetarian sampler that included a fig/goat cheese/cinnamon roll and a sushi roll with felafel in it, and we tried firecracker sake (with honey and cayenne pepper). It was goooood.

We got up early to catch the 9:03 train to New Haven. After scurrying around frantically to get our things packed in time, Nathan discovered the pitfall of traveling with Anna Rose and me: sometimes you’re late. That was fine by me, though, because it meant that Anna Rose and I had another half hour together before the next train (which would arrive in NYC with plenty of time to spare).

We did, in fact, make it to JFK just in time to stand in line (with the terminal looking like a parking lot). After a slight confusion involving an agent checking two bags (one of which was apparently invisible…?) under my name instead of one bag under Nathan’s name, we grabbed some nostalgia Burger King for Nathan and took off for the terminal. Two other Fulbrighters were there, so we made awkward small talk until boarding time.