Last week, I mentioned to Anna Rose’s dad that we were taking Megabus to New York. His response? “Well, I think they’ve discontinued all the double-deckers until they figure out why the engines are exploding.” GUESS WHAT’S NOT DISCONTINUED, YOU GUYS.

Also, when the bus veers (slightly, in a way that’s acceptable for highway driving) at a certain angle, water pours–literally pours–out of the ceiling onto the seat next to me. Maybe there is a reason this trip was $5.
Despite the uninspiring beginning, the Megabus trip was very comfortable (other than the water dripping, which wasn’t a big deal, as it was a few seats away) and punctual. We had the back row of seats to ourselves, so I got to lie down to sleep, an unheard-of luxury. Had enough time to get a crepe with Nutella and strawberries from a street stand before connecting to the NYC bus.
The walk from the bus stop to Grand Central Station was about a mile and a half, so we were in New York exactly long enough to smell bad, but not enough to see or do anything. Fine by me. There was a little too much New York built into my last Russia trip, an experience that, despite its several charms, I do not wish to repeat.
If you’re curious where Nathan is, he’s snoozing soundly.
Anna Rose, in a completely unsurprising straight line of events, is way behind and stressed over a paper, and her solution was to procrastinate by going to a Sacred Harp sing after supper! For those of you who don’t know what Sacred Harp/shape-note singing is: it’s an early American style of hymn singing that has a weird notational system: you start out with the traditional musical staff and solfege (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti). Shape-note singing takes mi, fa, sol, and la, assigns a shape to each one, and then inexplicably uses these four notes to cover the entire scale, so these shapes are then placed onto a traditional staff. The creators of shape-note singing literally took a perfectly functioning system and made it less functional, just because they could. It’s quite ridiculous. Nevertheless, shout-singing these hymns was fun. Afterwards,  Anna Rose tagged Nathan in and went to work on her paper while Nathan and I explored the town. We ducked into a cafe to escape gale-force winds and emerged at closing time to discover that the wind had been replaced by a torrential downpour and flooded streets. Awesome.