Right, I should really blog more frequently. Too late now, I guess. First, although I hear it’s the #1 most loathed blogging subject, let me tell you what I made for lunch yesterday.

You see, George and I got to talking, as we cultivated lettuce, about kebabs and all their myriad forms. I told him what they’re like in Bulgaria and Germany; he told me what they’re like in Belgium and France. “How do they make that sauce?” he inquired, unaware that he was talking to an expert.

So I made kebabs/Döner for lunch. And it was awesome.

Andy had boiled and shredded 5 chickens for tacos the day before, and we still had about half of it left. So I tossed that with unmeasured amounts of salt, pepper, cayenne, LOTS of paprika, cumin, and oregano. Added a few splashes of olive oil. Refrigerated overnight.

The next morning, I made brown rice almond pilaf and tomato-cucumber salad. When I seeded the tomatoes, I reserved the seeds and juice to add to the chicken. Tossed the chicken in a 350′ oven for like an hour. It got tender and beautiful and delicious, just like I’d intended.

As for the sauce… well, it’s a yogurt sauce, right? But we had no yogurt. So, alas, I had to use mayonnaise. About a half or maybe two-thirds of a cup of mayo, 2 cukes, lots and lots of cumin, salt, pepper,  dill. Blend until delicious. Eat on everything.

Then I took slices of our caraway sourdough bread, brushed them with olive oil, sprinkled with a mix of poppyseeds, cumin, and cayenne, and baked them until they were warm and delicious.

It was glorious.

What have we done this week, you ask? I really don’t remember. We dug potatoes. We cultivated tobacco. And lettuce. And squash. Actually, most of the week was dedicated to getting the fall crops in the ground/transplant trays. So we made lots of soil and planted lots of very tiny seeds not so carefully. By that I mean that Paul will be very confused when some of the transplant cells have no seeds, and some of them have 10. But you know what? If you’ve never sown lettuce, you can’t judge me. It’s hard.

I also made 3 hats! Two for Robin and the kids (working on a third), and another for Nathan. But don’t tell him. I know he doesn’t read this blog because he has this weird idea about having a “place to express yourself away from me (him).” Whatever.

Also, Jon Stewart is awesome. Listened to him for the first time in a long time yesterday. I was sorely disappointed by what’s gone on in the world while I’ve been away. 😦

Right. Perhaps I shall blog again tomorrow from Bardstown! Joe and Erin (hi, Erin! And Joe, although you’re probably not reading this!) are coming over at some point, and Erin and I are going to Erin’s mom’s birthday party. Whee!