aka: Things I’ve Learned About Bugs

Posting stupid-early because I have to leave for market at 4:15. Wheeeeeeeee. Come to Nashville!

I spent much of yesterday bug-watching–at least, “much” compared to the amount of time I usually spend bug-watching (=none). First, I was walking up the creek/driveway when I saw a wide row of fire ants on their way somewhere. It’s a pretty common occurrence, but what struck me was that they were just starting out–I could still see the front of the line. So I sat down to watch. They marched forward until — oh no!– they reached a big puddle. I was curious how long it would take them to figure out that they could  go around it. While the majority of the group dissolved into panic OHGODOHGODWHEREDOIGONOWBACKWHEREICAMEFROM OK,  solitary scouts would go one at a time, each exploring a bit further than the last. The rest of the group just hung out and panicked until they got back. Eventually they made it to the edge of the puddle and started to consider continuing their march. That’s when I left. It was interesting to watch their mannerisms, mainly because … well, did it ever occur to you that ants have mannerisms? They sit on their back legs and scratch and move all funny and are really quite interesting to watch. Also, it was really hot. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

Second bug-related episode was when we were picking squashes. I heard a bug in the plant I was about to pick from, so I batted the leaves to drive it away, then picked 2 little squashes that still had their flowers on. So I pick up the squashes, and I still hear the buzzing. In fact, I feel the buzzing. Turns out the bug was INSIDE the squash blossom! I felt rather bad crunching a pollinator, but I figured it probably was angry at me and had a stinger on its bum.

Also! We saw a beetle shed its exoskeleton. We marveled at the miracle of life, then crunched it. Bad move, bug. Should have kept the armor.

God, my life is mundane. Tell me about yours!