Although I spent the trip to and from Nashville baby-watching (I was sharing the seat with Will the 12-week-old), much like I did with the ants yesterday. I learned a lot. Anyway, I said this post wouldn’t be (as) boring.

First of all, I ran into Professor Skomp (Russian professor and favorite professor) at market. It was very disorienting to be rearranging the arugulas when suddenly Russian was being thrown at me. I was disconcerted with how my language skills have deteriorated in the last couple of months. I’ll be able to fix it soon, but it will be painful. Nevertheless,  I was glad to see Prof Skomp and thrilled to get to practice.

Next, a situation that I probably shouldn’t blog about, except that that’s stupid, because I’m fairly sure the only people reading this are my mother and Erin, and even if the whole world were reading it, I’m only saying the truth, and this isn’t Russia, for goodness’ sake. Assassination=unlikely.

This is taken from a gmail chat because I don’t want to bother typing it out again.


So I’m manning the market side of the booth, and Paul’s manning the CSA side. Robin’s off somehwere, probably nursing. And he fills up this woman’s basket, sends her off, and then comes over to me and asks, “Do you know what the word MILF means?”

So I gave him my stern face and said “yes.”

He says, “You do?!” all surprised-like. “Where did you learn that word?” “I live in the world. I go to college. People say inappropriate things.”

Paul: “I guess that was kind of disgusting of me.”

Me: “Yeah.”

a few minutes pass. He comes back over.

Paul:  “People say a lot of inappropriate things in college, huh?”

Me: “Yes, but I’m not used to hearing such inappropriate things from people past college-age.”


This exchange infuriates me. Especially given the other things he’s said that, though not on that scale, I still deemed inappropriate, but I don’t feel like listing here. I didn’t really want to tell him off when there was an imminent car ride with him, not to mention the difficulty I would have finding a place to stay that wouldn’t inconvenience friends or cost lots of money/time. I don’t feel like I can appropriately tell my “boss” that I think he’s a poophead, and then continue to take advantage of his hospitality (even if I’m working for it). If I were to leave now, it would make everyone’s life harder, including the interns and Robin. That’s not fair to them. So my plan is as follows: he says one thing out of line, I talk to him, tell him why I’ve been offended by the things he’s said, and tell him I plan to leave next time it happens. Not as a punishment or some such nonsense, but rather because these negative interactions have caused the utility of my staying here to drop to near 0. Once more, and utility will be at 0, so I will have no reason to stay. The next time he says something awful, I really do leave. Hastily.

It’s particularly ironic considering Robin’s talk of how other WWOOF farms she knows sometimes make their WWOOFers uncomfortable, particularly women, even without overt malicious/aggressive behavior, because their owners simply lack the social skills expected of their age and position as mentor. I hate to say it, since most of this farm is so wonderful, but you’re looking at just such a place.