First activity of the day is being angry that while everyone else gets to sleep in, I still have to wake up and go milk the durn cow. Then I think that really I get the long stick, because while I have the annoying jobs on Saturday and Sunday, I do about  1.5 hours less work in the fields each day during the week. Longer and less monotonous days–I guess I’ll take it.

Today was cooking day. I made mozzarella, which was like watching magic happen, and hten I strained the whey to make a little bit of ricotta. Only about 2 cups of the milk is protein/non-whey, so it’s a rather wasteful process unless you have baked goods or chickens or something to convert the whey into something more food-like. Although Andy drinks the whey with lemonade mix in it. Athletes and their protein drinks, you know.

Then I mushed up tomatoes and peaches to make marinara and peach gelato, respectively. THe tomatoes are crushed and in the freezer, and I will deal with them at a later point. But I spent the afternoon working on the gelato. The first batch scrambled rather than custardizing, so I had to do it again. The second time, however, it was embarrassingly easy. THe burners here are just really finnicky, so when I thought it was on low, it was on … not low. Anyway, Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s gelato (don’t get the reference? Then you should have read Holes 10 years ago.) is now in the fridge, and the boys will presumably crank it up tomorrow. When I’m also supposed to make butter with the leftover cream.

Anyone want to go on a trip? You could come visit me at this awesome farm where there are only the same people to talk to every day! Or we could go somewhere else.

Also, the Russians do not make the visa application process easy. It’s slightly disconcerting. Oh, and I had to “sign” a waiver saying that I understand that possession of a visa does not guarantee me entry. Why can’t we just be friends?