Today was pleasantly nondescript. Milked this morning, but only got like 2.5 gallons (we have been getting 3, but that stupid calf keeps growing). Oh well. Since Robin was at market, I filtered it and sanitized all the implements (clean ALL the things?). Anna Rose had sent me about 400 (not hyperbole) Slavic songs, so it took me about 2 hours to get those organized, and then I took a nap. Woke up to Sasha with his boundless energy wanting to work the donkey. So we harrowed a field for no reason other than to keep Earl’s strength up. I really don’t understand this work-for-the-sake-of-work thing. So I took some pictures of sheep instead.  Then we went to get Rosie. I asked Sasha just sit on her (what I actually said was “Can she be a couch for a minute?”), just to have a horse under my bum again. He said sure, so I did. Turns out she’s not actually broken to ride. She has been ridden, but only a few times, and if anyone other than Sasha gets on her, she gets freaked out. So I got spun in circles until she calmed down enough that I could dismount. Then Sasha and George tacked her up and took her on a little ride down the creek while I watered the greenhouse, and I joined them to discover that she is a slippery, confused, beautiful and slightly panicked mess when she’s in the creek. You would have thought she was wearing ice skates. When we got back, I braided her mane and tail, George and I talked about Iceland and horses (he used to exercise racehorses, and then he worked on a farm a part of which was sublet by an Icelandic pony farmer (adjective refers to both the farmer and the ponies). When Sasha and I returned from evening cow care, I was greeted with a  package from my mother and a bag of muffins and a positively darling letter from Lauren. Who I will see next weekend, since we’re doing a night market Friday night and then the regular market the following morning, so Robin told me she’s going to call and see if I can stay with the Butchers. Should be fun.

Now the boys are watching Eddie Izzard, so I guess I’ll go join them. Also, pictures will be up on FB in about 2 seconds. I didn’t edit or pick through them. Suck it up.