It’s the fourth.We are celebrating in exactly no way. The family had watermelon. We did not.

Now it’s raining and gloriously cool. Too bad I’m soaking wet. We worked in the green house weeding and planting peppersNow we’re on break from working, and Lauren has been recruited to help Madeleine make a chocolate cake. This morning the filter for the milk got lost, and somehow it was decided that it was probably my fault. Anyway, good old Sasha found it under the stove, so no harm, no foul, I guess. Several darling humans have told me they are mailing me. Thank you and I love you! And Mom sent me the most delicious brownies in the world! She wrote a note saying she found them in the freezer, but it was unclear whether I made them or she did. Either way, someone did an awesome job. They’re the best brownies I’ve ever eaten.And when you had only chard for supper, you can eat as many as you want!