Sunday is our day off. That means that, since Lauren was here, we got roped into babysitting Madeleine all day. We made corn-husk dolls and designed a board game about horses. In the afternoon we went to a party at the house of some original back-to-the-land folks. They moved out to the middle of nowhere in the 70s and have a really awesome place. Robin made it out like it was going to be this crazy, weird cultural experience, but it really wasn’t. They mostly ignored us, so we went walking and talking, then came back, grabbed some food and Madeleine, and made daisy (clover) chains. When we came home it was just about time for bed. We cooked some greens (did I mention that Lauren eats chard/kale for 3 meals each day? I’ve had chard 6 times since waking up yesterday morning).