Missed a few days because Lauren arrived Saturday, and we’ve been entertaining ourselves Internet-free. I will now post for the past 3 days. Saturday was market day, so I stayed and did animal chores all day with Sasha. I have now milked Addy 3 times, each time doing a bit better at it. It’s not as horrifically terrifying or difficult as people make it out to be (people, I might add, who have never touched a Real Cow with their Own Hands).  Milked Addy, fed the chickens their sloppy milk and grain, picked some incidental berries (BERRIES! THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!), and just when I thought I was finished, Sasha said it was time to work Earl. I don’t think that’s technically required of me, but Sasha’s very persuasive. So we harrowed a field (that means you dragged a big sharp web of metal across it to pull up sticks) BY DONKEY. It was crazy.