I’m pleased to report that my fellow farmers/hands are interesting and articulate. When I got here, Robin and Paul were gone, and since the farm is a pretty big place, I didn’t know where to report. So when they finally did show up, I greeted them, in honor of Anna Rose, with “I met your neighbors!” Robin, the two other farm hands (George and Andy), Sasha (Robin’s oldest–12 y/o), and George’s wife (who’s visiting from Louisville) had lunch together at their kitchen, which is outdoors and wonderful. Makes the fact that there’s Internet in the kitchen that much more impressive. I live in a little two-room cabin across the hall from Andy. To get to the cabin, you drive to just down from the kitchen, and then you have to walk in the creek a goodly way before there’s a path up the hill to the cabin, shower house (read: rain barrel and dipper), and toilet (long story made short: it involves sawdust. And periodical dumping/burying). All the water is collected in barrels. The kitchen has a couple of water filters that we fill up every so often. George has a guitar and has (but doesn’t play) a mandolin. A— plays ukulele. There will be jamming.

We raked dried grass and used it to mulch flower beds today. Apparently all the CSA members have already paid for the whole season, and that money’s all tied up, so Paul and Robin grow flowers to sell at the market to make up the $120 that they spend weekly to get to/rent a stall at the market. Mulch is awesome.

Right. The farm is absolutely beautiful. I’ll take pictures at some point, but I didn’t feel like it today. Tonight Sasha, Madeleine (daughter–haven’t met her yet), George, Andy and I are going to the fair. 🙂


Things to take pictures of:

my room




scary corn dolls


other awesome things as they arise.


More later. This was mainly so Mom doesn’t think I’m going to die. See ya!