1. Germans have trouble when their daily habits are interrupted. Case in point: bike lanes. In the interest of full disclosure, this isn´t my story, but I´m telling it anyway. Two American tourists were standing by the side of the road looking at a map, completely unaware that this particular bit of sidewalk was the bike lane .The rest of the (fairly wide) sidewalk was clear. However, there they were, in the bike lane, which FOUR bikers lined up behind them, ringing their bells and looking perplexedly at this new turn of events. To a German, it is absolutely inconceivable that there would be a PERSON in the BIKE lane who wouldn´t MOVE when you RING your BELL.

2. Going to ROstock this weekend, possibly. Assuming we can get off our lazy bums and book a hostel. Next weekend–Köln.

That is all.