Sorry, folks. So it´s been a busy couple of weeks, hence the no posting.

In a nutshell: ask me about Beelitz, the abandoned Soviet military hospital just outside of town. Cool, no?

Otherwise, keeping busy. Nathan moved into his new apartment yesterday, which is quite exciting. The bed´s lofted about 7 feet in the air. Mildly terrifying, but it makes a lot more sense than the 5´foot lofts most people use, in that you can actually USE the space underneath it, not just put stuff there. I also nearly burned down the building making a chicken pot pie. The oven nad stove are gas´run, but they don´t have the magic clicker that ignites it for you. Well, we have a cigarette lighter and a candle. I´ve burned myself too many times with the cigarette lighter to want to use that, so I tried to use the candle, which worked fine on the stove. But on the oven, I apparently pushed it too hard into the little hole where the fire lives, resulting in much dripping and smoking of wax. So Nathan left me putting the final touches on the pie crust, came back an hour and a half later expecting to pour drinks and eat supper, and was instead greeted with that fateful question: “Will you light the oven for me?” Needless to say, we ate late.

Where did Nathan go while I was cooking, you ask? (I never know whether to use a period or a question mark there. Ms Susan, if you´re reading–send me a message?) He took my fiddle away. Roland (the fiddle´s owner) needed it for a gig today because it´s got the pickup for an amp on it. So I´m currently suffering from pretty severe fiddle withdrawal.

Murder is an example of something that doesn´t happen in Germany. At least, not really. I was talkign to Malte (my language exchange partner) yesterday about how often murders are reported on the news at home, and he was shocked. Apparently last year smoeone got murdered in Munich, and it caused a national uproar.  Silly pacifists. Although some guy did get mugged last night because he was African, and therefore South African, and therefore to blame for any and all problems that may arise during the world cup, including vuvuzelas, bad refs, and games lost to Serbia. In some drunken jerk´s mind.

RIght. Class. Bye. Drop me a line, someone! It´s lonely over here.