to Ms Cindy!

a haiku:

What I’ve Learned: German

Doors never open the way

That you think they should.

Weekend: Went to the Wannsee and bummed around with half of Berlin, since it was the first non-rainy-and-freezing weekend of the year. Watched kids playing soccer, cygnets eating the skin off a dead fish, the Strassenbahn doing its thing.

Sunday: rediscovered Bitter Lemon, the most delicious drink in hte world that, although made by an American company, is inexplicably not sold in the US. I’m fairly sure there’s a grammatical error in that sentence. Bought 2 liters of the stuff. Introduced nathan to it. It’s gone.

Germans have awesome playgrounds. I’ll take pictures when I get some batteries. We were watching kids play (with a liter of bitter lemon, of course), and this girl, about 6 years old, stole the shovel her 2ish year old brother was playing with. He pulls the most intensely anguished face I’ve ever seen, bumbles over to where she’s playing, grabsthe shovel from her, and –BAM–whacks her across the head with it. So she stands up and shoves him so that he bounces back on the sand on his back. It was a pretty intense display of nonverbal communication.

went to the turkish market today, bought lots of vegetables and some impressively crappy apricots. The jazz band from last week’s market (did I blog about that?) was back. THeir fiddler (from Virginia–no, there are no Germans in Berlin) is coming to Laura-s for a dinner party of sorts tonight, and then he and Nahtan and Laura are going busking.

All the teachers are sick, so the school director taught my class thi9s morning, and htey rescheduled hte afternoon classes for tomorrow. Which is nice for today. Less so for tomorrow.

Right, off to find food before my stomach eats itself.

Also: anyone who has Mom’s banana bread recipe, please please please send it to me! Jennie’s got some bananas that need some love.