to anyone who´s happy with our food subsidy szstem. I cooked 2 meals zesterday. For lunch, we made bruschetta and fruit salad for 6 people. At the store, we got 7 fresh loaves of bread, 1 kilo of tomatoes on he vine, about a half cup of dried basil )thez didn´t have fresh), half a kilo of fresh feta, and 10 grams of olives. For the salad, we got a pineapple, 7 plums, 2 apples, and a carton of grapes.  How much did we spend on this meal? 8 e.

For supper, weßd planned to go meet Nathan´s ex´fiddler for piyya. beforehand, we were supposed to go check out the bar where Nathan´s supposed to work and live for this month. It turns out it´s a commune fairlz similar to the Communitz of Hospitalitz in ATL– look it up. So thez cook Vokü everz night, which is basicallz a cheap but good meal for homeless people, or anzone who wants to paz 2 euros. THez feed about 20 people a night for no more than 10 euros. But we were expecting twice that, so thez told us not to worrz about a financial limit. We fed 40 people some ridiculouslz delicious stirfrz for 17e. BAM.

Thez don´t eat meat, though, so Nthan´s having a meatfest todaz before he moves in.

That´s all, class is about to start up again.