Getting to Berlin=uneventful. I highly recommend GermanWings airline, they’re cheap and do a good job. Although you have to pay for food.

But there’s something I recommend even more highly than GermanWings: Doener. They’re delicious. Really. It’s kind of the Turkish version of hte gyro, and it’

s TYHE fast food in Berlin. I’d never gotten one before, because you never know what kind of meati s on the spit, and htey sometimes-but-not-always have chicken. Well, we found one with chicken for supper last night. Chicken from a spit, toasted flatbread, some ridiculously garlicky sauce, peppr sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and red cabbage=delicious.

WOke up late today (having stayed over with N’s cousin’s boyfriend, since Laura’s on tour in Belgium currently) and went wandering. Flea market was open and awesome, sowe found another fram for Jennie. Nathan and Stanley (Laura’s boy) are watching the England-Japan soccer game, then we’re going to go find paper for the recipe.