1. Nathan accidentally gave my hostess gift to Theresa (Conor’s mom), so now I have to go find another frame and a printer in Berlin. But it’s ok, because Theresa was THRILLED when she saw the recipe. TOtally worth it.

THings taht are fun:

1. the McCruddens

2. Eating bread and wandering around town

3. scenic bus rides

4. Good fiddlers in pubs

Things that aren’t:

1. Tourism Central, aka Dublin.

So we get to Dublin. I go to the bathroom. THe girl behind me ,who turns out to be an exchange student from CHina, is trying to pay her potty toll in pounds stirling. So I help her sort that out (although probably not in the most tactful way; I saw her change and said, “No, you’re in the wrong country.” I just meant the money, though.) So I sort taht out, and as we walk into the bathroom, a woman is asking, “is this hte ladies’ room? Is this hte ladies’ room?” We assure her several times that yes, this is the ladies’ room.  Her response, as she gestures at a backwards-facing pair of feet in one of the stalls, “That’s my brother in there, don’t mind him.” The end.