So we went to a pub last night called Filthy McNasty’s (Classy, huh?) to meet Nathan Belfast, another UWCer (Nathan and Conor’s school) and his American couchsurfers. 2 girls from some mennonite school in VA. All were nice, though the music was loud enough that conversation was difficult. Came back home, sat up over a cup of tea. I went to bed at 3; Conor and Nathan, it turns out, went to bed when they looked up and saw hte sun at 5:30. Needless to say, we got a late start today. Conor made pancakes, toast and cereal (yes, all three) for breakfast, after which we went into town to poke through the Ulster Museum. Pretty cool place, particularly for a fre museum. Exhibit re;the troubles was interesting, since I know very little about that whole hting. Giant deer, at the shoulder about as tall as Nathan. After that and a cup of coffee, we ran into Conor’s dad (a bus driver) on our way to catch another bus, so we got to go home for free. Big feast with salad (vegetables!), boiled eggs, baked chicken, and carrot cake for supper. Hung out, hten went out to a nice equiet bar (we were hte only ones there for most of hte evening) and hung out more. Got to get up early to see everyone off to work before we leave for Dulin so I’m off to bed.