Being an American in Ireland is rather like being a student in a 3rd-year German course, in that you can generally figure out what people are saying so long as you’re able to see their lips. In a nutshell: very friendly customs officer. Long and beautiful bus ride, most of which I slept through. Lunch in a private booth at a pub with Connor, who’s lovely. Meet Connor’s brother, Marty, and their friend in some grassy park area. Off to another pub. Debate the merits of Guiness vs Guiness Black Lager. Long bus ride to Connor’s adorable house, most of which I slept through. Maria makes hte best chicken curry I’ve ever had. Brona has a cool name (these are his sisters, in case you were wondering). Mr/Mrs McCrudden are darli9ng. Youtube. Bedtime. Tomorrow off to Giant’s Causeway.