I wake up. Irish breakfast tea (you know how it gets bitter really easily, so you have to brew it for like 30 seconds in lukearm water? No, it’ supposed to be  bitter and thick as honey) and bran flaakes for breakfast. I’ve determined the role of American products in the world of global consumerism: They get all the same brands as we do, but hteirs is better. Case in point: Kellog’s cereal. Cadbury chocolate (although, to be fair, they did invent that one). Beautiful drive up the Irish coast, up to Giant’s Causeway and a ginormous bridge across some cliffs and stuff, the name of which escapes me. Will post later, when Conor’s around to ask. Planned to take pictures on hte way back, since the window was such that I couldn’t see hte land properly on the way there. Camera died. Still kicking myself for that. Anyway, we didn’t take hte pretty road on the way back anyway, since it was late, and hte highway cut an hour off the trip. I apply the term “highway
” very loosely–still beautiful. 2 lanes most of hte way home. At one point, we passed a field with a Galway banded cow (apparently they’re quite rare even here). Mr McCrudden got very excited.

Haiku of the day:

The Irish don’t get

nutrition. Should have brought some
Flintstone vitamins.